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Wholegrain Mee Rebus


Watch how Rontree @rontreechan easily prepares Mee Rebus using LG Food’s Wholegrain Noodles and Fresh Tau Kwa along with Begedil from The Picky Grocer.

Recipe (serves 3-4 pax):
1 pack of LG Foods Wholegrain Noodles
1 pack LG Foods Fresh Tau Kwa
1 pack Frozen Begedil from The Picky Grocer
1 pack Instant Mee Rebus Gravy Mix
Hard boiled egg or Sunny Side egg

1. Deep fry tau kwa cubes and Begedil till golden brown.
2. Cook the Mee rebus gravy as per instructions.
3. Cook noodle in boiling water for 20 sec.
4. Serve noodle with mee rebus gravy, add on deep fried tau kwa and begedil. Serve with egg, green chilli and fried shallots.