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Sustainability Efforts

Over here at The Picky Grocer, we believe in doing our best not just for the company, but for the planet. Sustainability is a main focus of our business where we strive to give back to our community, constantly reviewing our practices to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize wastage.

Minimising Single Use Packaging

Single use packaging is one of the most problematic types of waste. Disposed in large quantities due to its single use nature, it’s ubiquitous in trash and difficult to recycle. Hence, do our best to avoid single use packaging wherever possible. At our facility, we opt for reusable baskets instead of carton boxes to transport our goods when possible, effectively cutting down on the usage of one time use carton boxes, minimizing wastage.

Reducing Food Waste

In efforts to give back to society while reducing our carbon footprint, unexpired surplus food products are donated to our charity partner, Willing Hearts, instead of being disposed of, where the products will feed families instead of contributing to the colossal scale of food wastage here in Singapore.